International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day is here, so pucker up and grab a partner to celebrate! The official Facebook page for this event says that the idea behind it is because many people have forgotten with the simple pleasures that a simple kiss can bring, and how it can be an expression of intimacy. The page also lists some of the kissing records and gives you information about events you can join to possibly create a new one.

Let us know if you will be getting involved in today or if this is just too soppy for you in the comments below, and we may include your views in our Week In Review blog on Friday! Kisses!


Parcel2Ship – Week In Review – 3/07/15


Every Friday, we will be bringing you news about different stories that have occurred through the week, most of which will be relevant to the parcel industry and the services we offer on Parcel2Ship. We will also be sure to mention any news from us directly, whether it’s about our website, our staff, or our achievements. We will be calling this ‘Parcel2Ship’s Week In Review’. Please let us know what you think, and if you want something mentioned in next week’s blog, get in touch and let us know!


uber parcel delivery

Whilst the headline to this story may not be a reality just yet, the chances of Uber delivering your parcels in the future are becoming more and more likely. Uber are learning that the more drivers they put into the cities that they operate within, the better the service they offer becomes, and that creates more successful drivers and happier customers. This is the same same economies of scale that apply within the delivery industry, where companies such as FedEx and UPS have managed to achieve supreme geographic saturation in America. Because these companies have drivers covering every single area of the country, their marginal cost to deliver one parcel is incredibly low, lowering even still if more than one parcel is being delivered to the same address.

Because of this, other competators find it vitually impossible to enter the market. However, Uber has an advantage, in that whilst the courier drivers may visit a street once a day, some Uber drivers may visit it once every hour and even minute in busier areas. And the nature of their business means that they already have the technology to offer instant pick ups and on demand deliveries. Customers can currently reduce the price they pay for a journey by offering to car pool with other customers, so why not offer them the same price reduction for sharing their ride with a parcel? The driver would drop it off at its location, just as they would a second passenger. And if the driver was collecting parcels they would simply fill up the boot and drop them off at a sorting center at the end of their shift.

This predicted move by Uber into the parcel delivery world would be a game changer, and with the company increasing its presence in the British market, we will be looking very closely at their next steps to see if the market we are in starts playing by different rules.

congratulations to dpd

As an account holder of DPD, we would like to offer a big congratulations and round of applause after hearing they have been awarded ‘The Special Award’ in The Which? Awards this year. They won this award for offering the best customer care and for driving change within the industry. The news comes off the heals of winning the Queens Award for Enterprise in April of this year for its ‘Predict’ service, which gives customers 1 hour collection and delivery windows so that they don’t have to stay in all day. This innovation has been key to DPD customers registering their satisfaction for the company, which is the main reason Which? have awarded them this latest accolade. DPD’s CEO Dwain McDonald said “This award means a lot to us…. to to be singled out for the Special Award is a huge honour”

amazon prime launched in london

At a time when the big courier companies are researching and trialing new ways to satisfy their customers, Amazon just seems to be getting on with it and brushing the competition aside. Every week we have been discussing whats new for the online retail giant, and this week we are bringing you news that Amazon Prime has been launched in London, offering customers in certain areas delivery of their item within 1 hour of placing an order. Amazon hope to be able to offer this service to the whole of London by the end of the year, along with other larger areas in the UK. As with the US model we have discussed before, to qualify for this service customers must have a Prime membership, costing £6.99 per month


Wimbledon 2015

Wimbledon 2015 kicked off this week, and we were loving it here in the office! Serena Williams began her campaign for her 21st Grand Slam on the first day of the two week competition, making easy work of her first opponent and getting through to the second round. Her next game was against Timea Babos on Wednesday, and she won again in straight sets, flying through to the third round, where she meets British hopeful Heather Watson, who has also faired well against her first 2 opponents to make it to the third round. Whilst we are pretty sure Williams will win this next match, we hope Watson puts up a good fight. Fellow female Brit Laura Robson returned on Tuesday after 17 months away from the grand slam arena due to injury. Her return wasn’t completely successful though, after losing in straight sets to Russia’s Evgeniya Rodina.

British male hopeful and John McEnroe’s favourite to win this year Andy Murray, started his fight for the trophy on Tuesday against Kukushkin on Center Court, and although rocky in places and certainly not easy, the scorecard showed a straight set win for the Scot. Next in his path was Robin Hasse, who Murray beat comfortably in straight sets yesterday. Liam Broady made a promising start to his campaign to give us another UK win. The 21 year old wildcard and former junior finalist at Wimbledon beat his first opponent in the fifth set after losing the first two, but was knocked out in straight sets by his 2nd opponent David Goffin on Wednesday. 28 year old James Ward also won his first game of the Championship against his opponent Luca Vanni. Although he lost the first set, he managed to win the following 3 in a strong show of will and talent, and moved into the second round to face Jiri Vesely on Thursday, who he won against after only dropping 1 set. He joins Murray in the 3rd round which plays later today

Other famous faces getting through to the third round comfortably were Rafael Nadal, Roger Federa and Sabine Lizicki, and both defending singles champions Petra Kvitova and Novak Djocovic also made it through their first games.

lionesses through to semifinal

England had another reason to celebrate this week through sport, after the ladies football team made it through to the Semi finals to face defending winners Japan in the Womens World Cup 2015. Our Lionesses started really well, challenging Japan from the start and applying the pressure, and even after giving away a penalty England came back to level the score at 1-1 after they themselves scored a penalty. Unfortunately in the final minute of injury time, star player Laura Bassett accidentally kicked the ball into her own net, and Japan were given the win that sent them through to the final. Heartbreaking scenes of her being supported by her team mates followed, and everyone interviewed after gave their complete backing to Bassett and credited her for her efforts throughout the competition. One thing is for sure after all of this though; this team is a force to be reckoned with, and has won many fans over the last few weeks. The only way is up ladies!

The Cursed Child

Harry Potter fans across the world rejoiced at the end of last week when author of the series JK Rowling announced that we would once again be able to visit the world of magic she created, this time through the medium of stage. However, it is not clear exactly when this play takes place in the timeline of the young wizard. Rowling announced the news of the play on her Twitter account, and followed up by explaining it is an extension of Harry’s story, but afterwards strongly emphasised to her followers that it is not a prequel, which many fans and members of the media believed it was. Ever the protector of the world she painstakingly crafted over 18 years ago, Rowling is keeping fairly tight lipped about the play for which tickets will be made available next summer. She did tweet that this will be a real treat for the fans though, and we don’t doubt that for a second.

bennifer divorce

Sad news has come out of Hollywood this week as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their divorce after 10 years and 1 day of marriage. Rumours of this announcement have been swirling for the last few months, citing Ben’s gambling and alcohol addictions as the main catalysts for the problems. The actor and director is regularly seen gambling in Las Vegas, and recently got kicked out of a casino after managers believed he was counting cards, something he later admitted to doing. The couple were known to split their careers evenly so that one parent was always at home with their 3 children, but recently with his work on Argo, Gone Girl and Batman vs Superman, Affleck has been leaving Garner at home on parent duty, making it difficult for her to work and apparently putting a straight on their marriage.

Many believed they waited for the 10 year marriage mark because there was something written in the prenup which could benefit either party financially. However after it was discovered that there was no prenup in place for the couple, who are reportedly worth a combined $150 million, it was established that they wanted to wait until their eldest two children had broken up from school for the summer. And to protect the children even further, reports suggest that Ben will be moving to the guest house on their property, after having it converted to live in full time. It’s not the first time a couple has tried to keep their split as amicably as possible for the sake of their children, with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announcing last year that they were ‘consciously uncoupling’, and being seen since on holidays and together with their 2 children. Hopefully Ben and Jen can do the same.


We just wanted to say a few words about the awful situation that occurred in Tunisia last week. Whilst we cannot begin to understand what the people present on the beach that day went through, we do offer our condolences to those who have lost someone, and words of support to those injured and otherwise affected. We will be honouring the minutes silence at 12pm today.


You may have noticed at several times this week that our website has been unavailable due to routine maintenance. This is not something we were able to avoid, and although we would ideally do this work overnight, this just isn’t possible. We promise that there is always a very good reason when we take our website offline, and we do understand how frustrating it is for customers looking to place an order. So if you have been affected by this work, please accept our apologies, and let us know if you want to discuss further by giving us a call or sending us an email

Whilst the rest of the UK was basking in the sunshine and moaning about the heat this week, we actually experienced heavy thunder and lightening followed by rain on Wednesday and Thursday! The temperatures have stayed high though, and the office fans have been on full blast. We would love to hear how you are coping with the heat this week, so let us know your tips in the comments below! You may even get a special mention in next weeks Week in Review blog, because we are sure there are many others who would love to know your secrets!

This week marked International Reggae Day, Canada Day, and World UFO Day, all of which we discussed in our blog. If you didn’t get a chance to read them then click the links above and let us know what you think, and if you got involved with any of the special days. We also saw a spike in orders for the UK which is always nice to see, so get in touch if you have sent anything this week and are happy with the service you’ve received!

The Team at Parcel2Ship

World UFO Day

July 2nd marks World UFO Day, and according to the official website today is dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects and to celebrate the work taking place to prove that there are other civilizations out there. The day was first celebrated in 2001 by Haktan Akdogan, a researcher of all this extra terrestrial, and many celebrate it today to raise awareness of the intelligent beings that believers say are in outer space sending the UFO’s to our planet. The day is also used to encourage governments to spill the secrets they might have about sightings throughout history, including what happened in Roswell  in 1947 when a believed UFO crashed there.

You can get involved today by organising parties of people with the same beliefs as you and watch the sky, or take part in other UFO themed activities such as watching UFO movies or meditating in a group. For more information and to find out about events near you, head to the official website


Spotlight On: Canada

Seeing as today is Canada Day, we’ve decided to shine our Parcel2Ship light all over this wonderful country today!

Canada is located above North America and is divided into three territories and ten provinces. The country is the worlds second largest in total land area, and has a population of approximately 35 million people, making it one of the most developed countries in the world. Canada has 31,700 large lakes and its border with the US is the longest in the world. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. Other major cities include Quebec, Montreal and Toronto. Canada has at least 13% of the total global oil reserves and is one of the leading exporters of energy to overseas countries

To find out more about the delivery services we offer to Canada and the affordable prices you will pay by coming straight to Parcel2Ship, head to our website site and start by getting a free quick quote!


International Reggae Day

Whether you have roots in the Reggae culture or you simply like the music and lifestyle, July 1st is the perfect day to celebrate all things Reggae! Tomorrow marks the 21st year of International Reggae Day, and its power to unite, inspire and uplift people around the world is what makes it such a special and popular time.

Hosted annually by Kingston – the home of Jamaican music, the IRD showcases Kingston as a creative city, and highlights the impact of Jamaica, Reggae and Rastafari on global pop culture. It also helps to promote the support of the music education in Jamaica through the Alpha Boys School Project. Although it is an internationally recognised event, official celebrations haven’t reached the UK yet, but this won’t stop us from enjoying some fantastic music from Jamaica, including some classics from the Mr Reggae himself, Bob Marley.

National Camera Day

Camera DayToday marks National Camera Day, so grab your equipment of choice and start snapping! With the technology originally invented by Frenchman Joseph Niepce, the camera has evolved over the years and millions of people now have direct access to one on their mobile phones. Other versions include the disposable camera found at parties and in the hands of little ones on holiday, the Polaroid camera which instantly developed photos, and the digital camera with visual views of the photo as they are taken.

So no matter what you use to take your pictures, be on the look out for some photo ops today and make sure you post them online for everyone to see. You can also post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages too, because we would love to see your efforts!



Parcel2Ship – Week In Review – 26/06/15


Every Friday, we will be bringing you news about different stories that have occurred through the week, most of which will be relevant to the parcel industry and the services we offer on Parcel2Ship. We will also be sure to mention any news from us directly, whether it’s about our website, our staff, or our achievements. We will be calling this ‘Parcel2Ship’s Week In Review’. Please let us know what you think, and if you want something mentioned in next week’s blog, get in touch and let us know!


dpd germany growth

DPD is continuing its growth, with plans to build a new sorting center in Southern Germany being announced this week. The cost of the development is EUR 30m, and it will be one of its most important hubs in Germany. The facility will take up 44,000 square metres of land, and once complete it will be capable of handling about 37,000 packages per day, and up to 300 employees will be based at the site

As the 77th facility in the DPD Germany network, the new Nagold plant will support existing depots nearby in Ludwigsburg, Villingen-Schwenningen and Wendlingen. Its catchment area will include the important economic area south of Stuttgart. The building will be energy-efficient, using environmentally-friendly technology including skylights and low-energy lighting, as well as modern energy-efficient sorting systems. Construction is due to start this autumn.

amazon developments

It seems Amazon is forever in the news recently when it comes to delivery of their items, and this week is no acception. We have previously discussed how the Federal Aviation Administration have been voicing their reservations about commercial drone use, which in turn has stalled Amazon’s plans for drone delivery since they announced it in 2013. The FAA have proposed such rules as requiring drones to be within the operator’s eyesight at all times, which limits the distance that they can fly. This could be a big problem for Amazon, as the company is hoping to offer customers this service across cities and eventually countries.

Well this week, the FAA have announced that these regulations for commercial drones will be finalised and put in place within one year, and almost immediately afterwards Amazon said they would be ready to launch their drones as soon as the rules are enforced. This is exciting news for customers because Amazon’s proposed drone service means they can receive their parcel within 30 minutes, and many competitors and people in the delivery industry will also be very interested to see how well the service does. We for one are excited to see how this new technology could help our customers in the future.

And whilst it may be clear to some why Amazon are looking at drone technology, this next development may leave many scratching their heads. Unconfirmed reports surfaced this week that Amazon were looking at ‘crowdsourcing’ future deliveries. The Wall Street Journal reported that a new app called ‘On My Way‘ was being developed, which “would, in some cases, pay ordinary people, rather than carriers… to drop off packages en route to other destinations”. The WSJ believes there to be truth behind this story because Amazon is becoming increasingly flexible with it’s parcel delivery options, and it may wish to emulate the work done by Roadie and Nimber (US and Scandinavia respectfully) who operate a similar system.

We here at Parcel2Ship can’t understand why a company as large and developed as Amazon would be looking into this option, especially with such a huge focus being put on the drone delivery plans. Whether this newest delivery idea will come to fruition remains to be seen, we just can’t see it happening ourselves.


A group of Chinese express delivery companies have teamed up to establish a new venture that will operate a national logistics network, according to reports. Companies such as Shenzen-based SF Express, STO Express, ZTO Express and Yuando Express have all reportedly joined forces and have been listed as the principal investors in a new venture called Fengchao Kuaidigui. Funding of more than US$80m has been secured, and the founder and CEO of the company also happens to be the chairman of SF Express, Wei Wang. News agencies in China have reported that the new venture aims to offer express deliveries in more than 30 major Chinese cities by the end of this year.


There is a growing number of companies emerging into the delivery market who are trying to solve the issues that millions of customers face every day, and one such problem is the delivery of goods at communal addresses such as apartment buildings and businesses. One such company is the startup Package Concierge, who are seeking to outfit apartment buildings with banks of high-tech lockers that can serve as a mail drop for packages. Package Concierge have realised that apartment managers are spending too much time worrying about the collection of parcels in the front of their buildings, and that residents can have trouble getting their packages if a building doesn’t offer concierge service after typical working hours. Georgianna Oliver, founder and chief executive of Package Concierge, says, “It’s turned into a full-time job at a property. And apartment buildings don’t have excess cash to hire more and more people.”

Package Concierge sells wall-mounted steel lockers of varying sizes, designed to hold several sizes of boxes. Access is controlled by a computer that lets a delivery driver look up a customers name and open a locker of the right size.Once the package is dropped off, the system can generate a text, e-mail, or phone call to alert the resident the package has arrived. The resident can then unlock the locker at any time, instead of waiting around at home for a delivery or heading to a shipping facility after several missed attempts. The company also helps to reverse this process and allow customers to leave outbound packages in lockers to be retrieved by shipping services.

Of course Package Concierge are not the first company to create such a system. Amazon has tested delivery lockers in some markets, while UPS has similar systems at some retail stores. And UK customers may be familiar with Doddle , who recently teamed up with DPD to streamline deliveries in a similar way.

Package Concierge charges $20,000 to $40,000 for a typical installation (only available in the US at present), but doesn’t actually make money on putting lockers in buildings, and they say that sometimes they even loses on the installation. Instead, the startup is banking on the monthly revenue stream from licensing­ its software and tech support services to keep the locker systems running, a fee that starts at $100 per month.


Forgive us for the title to this last parcel story, but we couldn’t resist! Australian officials at Melbourne’s international mail facility opened a parcel this week and to their surprise found 13 live snakes. The parcel was labelled ‘mixed powder’, but the parcel instead contained the green snakes which were likely imported for pets or breeding. After the lie was uncovered by the x-ray scans and the box was opened, officials destroyed the snakes and tests are underway to determine their species and any possible diseases they may have been carrying.


crystal maze reboot

Fans of the The Crystal Maze rejoice – it’s coming back! The British game show, shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom between 1990 and 1995, has earnt a cult following over the years, and after a crowdfunding effort was met this week with £500,000 raised, it looks like we will once again be visiting the aztec, future, medieval and industrial zones, before entering the crystal dome!

Original presenter Richard O’Brien will be involved in the project, but the presenting job this time round will go to someone else. Also involved will be the backers themselves, with those who paid £45 being able to take on the Crystal Maze as contestants, while those that paid £300 can enter as an eight-person team.Those that pledged the sum of £10,000 will be given the opportunity to book out the maze for an entire day, which we think would be an amazing day out!

Mans best friend

If you have been online at all this week, you will surely have become aware about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival occurring this time of year in China. Whilst we are horrified that this is being allowed to happen, we instead want to focus on just why dogs deserve kindness and respect, and why they are truly mans best friend. Enter, Buzz and Glenn

Buzz the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Glenn the Jack Russell were rescued from a sea tunnel in Hartlepool a few weeks ago, and rescuers soon realised that the pair had become inseparable because Buzz was blind Glenns own personal guide dog! 9 year old Buzz leads Glenn around, and will even nuzzle him towards the right bowl if the Jack Russell starts eating from the wrong one.

Stray Aid, the center that rescued the pair, wants the two animals to be rehomed together so they can ‘live out their lives peacefully with as little change as possible’. A spokes person for the center says that Glenn gets his confidence from Buzz, and if they are separated even for a few minutes they both bark and become distressed, so they would need to have a loving home together. To find out more about Buzz and Glenn see Stray Aid’s website.

thorntons and Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate lovers may be aware that this week the Yorkshire based company Thorntons was bought out for £111 million by Ferrero, who produce Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Eggs and Nutella. Thorntons was left as the largest British-owned specialist confectionery company in 2010, after Cadbury was bought Kraft in the US, and Rowntree Mackintosh was taken over by Swiss company Nestle in 1988. Ferrero already owned 29.9 per cent of Thorntons after a previous buy out.

Ferrero have said it would keep the brand and factory but have made no guarantee over the shops’ future.The family-owned firm is best known in Britain for Ferrero Rocher, the round hazelnut chocolates wrapped in gold foil shown being served to guests at an ambassador’s party in 1990s TV adverts. The move has sent Thorntons shares soaring by 42% after news of the takeover broke


After our social media customer support absence last week, we are now back up and running, helping our customers on all platforms. So if you have any questions or require our help, you can get hold of us through Facebook and Twitter as well as the standard way of calling, emailing and livechating with us.

We’ve been getting some great feedback about our recent Summer Review blog, and hearing from readers about the things they have been looking forward to. And as we predicted in the review, many of you shut yourself away a couple of weekends ago to binge watch the new series of Orange Is The New Black when it was released on Netflix. One or two of us here in the office may have done the same…

This weeks Spotlight On: blog was all about Portugal, and after we posted it we saw a spike in orders there which we were very happy about. It’s great that our blogs are reaching new customers everyday. If you are a new or potential customer and you have found out about Parcel2Ship through our blogs, please let us know in our comments below and we may give you a shout out in next weeks Week In Review blog!

And finally, we just wanted to quickly mention this article published by This Is Mail over the weekend, which discusses ways customers can avoid using the Post Office to deliver their parcels, as well as how much money they could save by using a broker. Because Parcel2Ship is only a few years old, we are rarely featured in these articles alongside our competition, but we will always throw our hat into the ring to offer all customers competitive rates and exceptional customer service. So remember, if you need to send a parcel anywhere in the world, head to to find out how we can help!

The Parcel2Ship Team

Wallace and Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day

Tomorrow is Wrong Trousers Day, a day to raise money for childrens hospices across the country through the Wallace and Gromit childrens charity. You can wear anything on the 26th June, from your favourite pajamas to sport shorts, jeans to a tutu, or even hot pants, just make sure that you donate £1 to help sick children.

You can visit the official website for more information about the day and the help it offers those in hospices, and you can also register for a free fundraising pack to get started. The Parcel2Ship office might get in on the act too – any excuse to come to work in our pajamas!

Parcel2Ship’s Spotlight On: Portugal

This week we are discussing the neighbours of the country we focused our attention on last week, so drum roll please for our… Spotlight On: Portugal blog!

Portugal is located in Southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. The country shares its borders with Spain, and its capital city is Lisbon. Other major cities in the country include Porto, Braga and Leiria. The total land mass of continental Portugal and the surrounding island is estimated to stand at 92,000 square kilometers. The total population of Portugal stands at 10 million people according to a census conducted in 2012. Over 96% of the total population in Portugal are of Portuguese descent. The national language in the country is Portuguese and is also the official language.

So if you have a family member, friend or a buyer in Portugal and you need to send them something, look no further than Parcel2Ship. We offer amazing prices starting from £19.71 and with transit times starting at just 2 working days your parcel can be there before you know it! To send a parcel to Portugal, just head to our homepage and start by getting a quote!

National Insect Week

National Insect Week logo

If you can’t stand creepy crawlies then this week may not be your favourite in the year, because from the 20th-26th it’s National Insect Week in the UK. This week people of all ages are encouraged to learn more about insects. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a large number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.

Over one million species of insects have been described and named worldwide, with the UK being home to more than 24,000 of those, found in almost every habitat. They can be pollinators, predators, pests, parasites and prey and their study is an important part of conservation, food production, medicine and ecology.

If you head to the official National Insect Week website you can learn more about insects and other invertebrates from the people that study them. You will also find everything you need to join in with the events and competitions during National Insect Week 2014.