Parcel2Ship – Week In Review – 21/08/15


Every Friday, we will be bringing you news about different stories that have occurred through the week, most of which will be relevant to the parcel industry and the services we offer on Parcel2Ship. We will also be sure to mention any news from us directly, whether it’s about our website, our staff, or our achievements. We will be calling this ‘Parcel2Ship’s Week In Review’. Please let us know what you think, and if you want something mentioned in next week’s blog, get in touch and let us know!


Amazon and Collect+ cut ties

This week it was announced that online retailer Amazon would no longer be delivering to Collect+ stores from the 24th August 2015. However, customers can still use the locations to return orders, and all parcels booked to be delivered to Collect+ stores prior to the 24th would still be delivered. About the change, Amazon said, ‘Occasionally, we need to make changes to our range of Pickup Locations to ensure we can continue to provide customers with the greatest possible service, low prices and convenience when shopping online. We continue to add to our network of more than 13,000 Amazon Pickup Locations across the UK, which currently includes Amazon Locker, Pass My Parcel, Doddle and Local Collect. Amazon Pickup Locations include rail, tube and petrol stations, newsagents and convenience stores, universities, libraries, business parks, an airport and Post Office branches.’

Customers unsure about drones

We have bought you many stories about companies using drones to delivery parcels, but we have not looked at what the public thinks about it. This week a study by shopping website Give As You Live, asked UK customers whether they plan on using the technology when it becomes available, and many answered no. 36% of the people surveyed that they would have concerns about the safety of their items, and 5% of the group back this fear up by saying they would consider stealing a package from a drone when it lands and some even said they would consider breaking a drone. Give As You Live’s managing director Greg Hallett, said, ‘It’s clear that people are still very wary of drones delivering their online goods. The main drawback is the security of their purchases and at the moment the majority are planning not to use them despite knowing the benefits of faster and wider-spread delivery.

The study did highlight though that these two benefits were clear to customers, which will interest companies who are developing drone technology, such as Amazon. More than 40% of those asked said the biggest benefit of the new technology would be faster deliveries, and 42% said the drones could help with delivery to isolated locations. These are two of the key reasons that companies are developing this technology, so it will be reassuring to hear this is recognised by the public. Ultimately though, and the main finding from the study is that confidence in the technology is still low, especially after two separate incidents of near-misses with commercial jets coming in to land reported by pilots last year in the UK

dpd scottish hub

This week is was announced that DPD has signed a deal for a new distribution hub for the north east of Scotland. The facility, which will be located on the outskirts of Aberdeen at the Badentoy North business park, is expected to be completed and in operation by March 2017. Location is key at this hub, with it having nearby access to the main trunk road network, as well as it being adjacent to the A90 and a short distance from the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. Neil Young, the director of construction company Dandara who are in charge of the development, commented ‘The facility will bring the latest in logistics sorting and distribution technology to Aberdeen for the first time. DPD is now the only major delivery provider to create a regional hub with these capabilities in the north east rather than a smaller scale delivery depot’

dhl vision picking

DHL is preparing to test vision picking over in the US soon with the help of Google Glass connected eyeware, in the hopes that it reduces picking time and significantly improve productivity in their warehouses. The system will replace handheld scanners and paper orders, and the eyeware will be fitted with warehouse management software. A 3 week pilot of this system took place in the Netherlands earlier this year, and it saw a 25% reduction in packing time by directing workers to the fastest route to find the products. The technology also reads bar codes as soon as the product comes into focus, significantly enhancing efficiency. Commenting on the plans, vice president for solutions design with Exel Adrian Kumar said, ‘A lot of the large operations need help supporting e-fulfillment, especially with lots of products that might only be available online. It really drives up warehouse complexity.’

dhl buses

In other DHL news, it was rumoured this week after articles were published by a number of Australian based news media outlets, that DHL is planning to begin transporting parcels via buses operated by Postbus. Postbus is a subsidery of Deutsche Post DHL, and operates long distance bus journies across Germany with a fleet of 90 buses and a range of over 120 cities. However, the rumours were put to bed by a DHL spokesperson, saying, ‘This is not correct. We could imagine it is possible and we are thinking about it. But there is really nothing concrete.’ We bought you news a few weeks ago about couriers looking at using public transport such as the New York Subway and London Underground networks to deliver parcels faster, so perhaps buses are another form of transport to look into, especially if courier giant DHL are thinking about it.


lord seb coe elected president of the iaaf

This week, former Olympic 1500m champion Lord Coe was elected president of the body that governs world athletics, the IAAF, beating rival Serget Bubka by 115 votes to 92. He followed up his win with a tweet saying that after the birth of his children, this was the most ‘momentous moments’ of his life. He takes this new position from Lamine Djack who had it for 16 years prior, and having been an IAAF vice-president since 2007, he is well equipt to carry out the duties of his new role.

Coe has a history of winning, as one of Britains finest sportsmen. He won 2 gold medals in the 1500m at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics, and he set numerous world records in both the 1500m and 800m competitions in his sporting career. Since retiring from the sport competitively he became a Conservative MP, worked for Fifa, and was crucial in London winning the bid to stage the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, of which he was named chairman. Royal awards have also been given to him for his work in sport, with an MBE appointed to him in 1982, followed by an OBE in 1990 and finally a life peerage in 2000.

Coe said in an interview after the appointment that the role would be ‘a big challenge but a great honour’, adding ‘my sport is what fires and drives me’. He also went on to say, ‘I am fortunate to be one of those people who has woken up – since the age of 11 – and athletics has shaped my day. I want to do everything I can to make sure it is in the best possible shape.’

 gcse results

Thousands of teens got up early yesterday to head down to their schools and get their GCSE results, and it was a bumper year for those heading onto higher education and work based apprenticeships. However, although more students have achieved A* to C grades, the number of A* grades has dropped for the 4th year running, this time by 6%. Maths was the most popular subject taken by this age group, with computer studies seeing the biggest jump due to the increased need for coding knowledge in many jobs. So congratulations if you got the results you were hoping for yesterday, and well done for all the effort you put in to achieve them.

goodbye, cilla black

Liverpool legend Cilla Black was laid to rest by her family yesterday in her home city, with her closest celebrity friends taking part in the service to honour her. Sir Cliff Richard paid musical tribute to his friend by performing Faithful One in the church where she married her late husband, Bobby Willis in 1969, and her other friends Paul OGrady and Christopher Biggins, who were part of Cilla’s ‘Gay Mafia’ with Dale Winton, gave readings and paid their own emotional tributes. And although not included in the service inside, thousands of members of the public mourned outside, lining the two mile route that Cilla’s cortege traveled along. They watched on as Miss Black’s coffin entered the church, which was decorated with large bouquets of white lilies and roses. Debussy’s Clair de Lune played as she was bought into the church, before the congregation sang All Things Bright And Beautiful.

Since her death earlier this month, Cilla has had a posthumous comeback to the UK music charts with her greatest hits compilation, which was first released in 1983 and then most recently re-released in 2013, landing its highest ever chart position as fans paid tribute. Her former number one single Anyone Who Had A Heart, first released in 1964, also returned to the charts in 41st place, and will be played during the service. The song recently had a revival after Sheridan Smith played the icon in ‘Cilla’ on ITV, and her own version of the love song also entered the charts.

Mourners wishing to pay tribute to Cilla have been asked to make a donation to a children’s hospital in her name. A donations page has been set up online allowing people to pledge money to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. It aims to raise more than £50million every year to help care for the thousands of children treated there.

final ashes test

Our boys will be hoping to make it 4-1 in this years Ashes against Australia by the end of the week, with the 5th and final test beginning yesterday. The English side is once again without Jimmy Anderson, after he pulled out after the 3rd test due to a side strain and failed to recover in time for the 4th test, which saw England regain the Ashes after a record breaking 1st innings. Although the little wooden ern is England’s, they will still be looking for another test win and strong finish to the competition, especially as their side is unchanged from the 4th test. Best of luck boys!

TREASURE found in US

Earlier this week, 350 18th century Spanish gold coins were found by a treasure hunter in the US, and the haul is thought to be worth just under £3 million. They were located on the Atlantic sea bed off the coast of Florida, having been there for 300 years after 11 Spanish galleons sank during a hurricane when they were travelling back to Spain from Cuba. The discover is the second major find by hunters, after about 50 of the same coins were found in June this year. The finder won’t be able to keep all the profit from this latest find though, as under US state law, Florida gets to keep 20% of the value. But that still leaves the diver William Bartlett who discovered the coins, with a large chunk of money for himself, although he refused to say just how much this would be, adding ‘I’m just a guy on a boat living the dream.’


It’s been a busy week this week for all of us at Parcel2Ship. In the office we have been helping customers and answering any questions they have had, and we have also been going through our booking forms with a fine tooth comb to see if there are any little tweaks we can apply to make the booking process for customers even easier than it is now. A few suggestions have also been coming from from customers as part of a bit of research by us, with the main one being that there is too much scrolling needed. This is a really good bit of feedback to hear, and the solution is quite simple, so we will be looking at condensing the space our forms take up and cut down the amount of scrolling you have to do in future. Thank you to all that helped us out with our round of research this week, and remember that if you have something to add then we are all ears, so get in touch!

The team at Parcel2Ship

World Mosquito Day

HomeToday is World Mosquito Day, to celebrate the work that doctor Sir Ronald Ross did in 1897 to prove that female mosquitoes transmitted malaria between humans. Since the discovery, scientists across the world have been coming up with effective and innovative ways of tackling the disease.

To mark the day this year, Malaria No More has collated some #MozzyMyths on their website, such as the one we have included below:

MozzyMyths for World Mosquito Day (5).pngTo help raise awareness, check out the myths and the facts surrounding mosquitos and Malaria, and if you can help raise money too then there are some useful links and information on the main Malaria No More website

Spotlight On: Canary Islands

Canary Islands Flag

This weeks Spotlight On: blog is focused on the Canary Islands!

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago of islands off the southwest cost of Morocco. The islands include Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Like the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands draw in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, with many families choosing the islands for their subtropical climate and attractive beaches. A high majority of inhabitants are Roman Catholic religion, and their official language is Spanish. Unsurprisingly, the Canary Islands economy is almost completely reliant on the tourism industry, but construction and tropical agriculture are also important trades. The islands have several national parks between them, boasting spectacular views and diverse wildlife, and their marine life is a varied combination of North Atlantic, Mediterranean and endemic species. Canarian Wresting and Game of the Sticks are popular sports of the Canary Islands, with the latter thought to originate when shepherds fought each other off their land with their sticks, thus taking on the loose sporting format of fencing.

To send a parcel to the Canary Islands, head to Parcel2Ship’s website and get an instant quote!

World Humanitarian Day

Image result for world humanitarian day

Tomorrow is World Humanitarian Day, and this is one cause that has our full support and attention. So much so, that tomorrow you will notice we will have donated our Twitter Feed to WHD, to tell a story that needs to be heard. You can do this too by heading to the official WHD website 

In 2003 on the 19th August, 22 aid workers were killed after a bomb exploded in the UN headquarters of Baghdad, and every year since on this day, WHD pays tribute to all the people who were affected by this attack and those who sadly lost their lives. But it also celebrates the spirit that inspires others to dedicate their time to humanitarian work to help people in volatile environments who are unable to help themselves. WHD hopes to inspire others to action, to stand in solidarity against conflict, torture, disease, famine, suffering and poor leadership.

We would love to hear from you if this is something close to your heart. Do you donate any of your time to helping others in areas of unrest or war? Please tell your story, and if you allow us we would like to dedicate part of our ‘Week In Review’ blog to you.

Charity Shops and Thrift Shop Day

Todays blog is slightly different, because we aren’t going to be focusing so much on ‘a day of the month’ as we normally do on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. However, we will mention that today is ‘National Thrift Shop Day’ in the US, because that is where our inspiration has come from, because as you may know, thrift shops in the US are our charity shops here in the UK.

We know many of our customers will be using the extra time they may have over the summer to sort out their houses to free up space and declutter. Whilst a lot of what might be found will be going straight to the tip, you might come across some items that other people may really like, and so a trip to the charity shops in your local town will be in order. We find this is a great way to ‘pay it forward’ in your local community, and it means that your items can live on with a new owner, thus reducing waste.

Of course, if you think your items are worth a bit of money, another option would be to sell them online. If you are interested in doing this then Parcel2Ship will be able to help with the delivery of these items to their buyer, so check us out online for some great prices. But for today we want to encourage everyone to support your local charity shops and donate your unused and unloved items.

Parcel2Ship – Week In Review – 14/08/15


Every Friday, we will be bringing you news about different stories that have occurred through the week, most of which will be relevant to the parcel industry and the services we offer on Parcel2Ship. We will also be sure to mention any news from us directly, whether it’s about our website, our staff, or our achievements. We will be calling this ‘Parcel2Ship’s Week In Review’. Please let us know what you think, and if you want something mentioned in next week’s blog, get in touch and let us know!


parcelforce interactive service

In a move that many have made before them, ParcelForce have launched their new interactive service which improves customers control over the delivery of their parcels. Customers will now be able to arrange for a parcel to be delivered on another day or to a different address, including to one of 10,500 Post Office branches. Although they believe this will make them standout from the crowd, many will note that companies such as DPD have been doing this for a few years now, and allowing customers to control their deliveries is a basic need rather than a handy extra. However, ParcelForce have noted that what makes this service different is that the pre-delivery notifications are triggered by the driver and not centrally generated. This ensures the delivery is based on local driver experience and real time information, thus giving customers a more realistic time for delivery.

Gary Simpson, managing director of Parcelforce Worldwide, said, ‘We are pleased to be launching our new SMS and email interactive service to increase customer control over the delivery of a parcel. Parcelforce Worldwide is committed to developing services to ensure we meet the changing demands of businesses, online retailers and their customers. We are investing to grow our business, enabling us to handle more parcels while ensuring we continue to provide a very high level of service to all Parcelforce Worldwide customers.’

uk mail oversized parcels

We are always stressing the importance of measuring and weighing your parcels when booking an order with Parcel2Ship, but it sounds like UK Mail are really struggling to get this message across to their customers, and it is having a dramatic affect on their full year financial estimates. This week they have said that their new fully automated parcel processing facility in Coventry is overwhelmed by bulky and oversized mail that has to be processed by hand, and this is resulting in lower volumes and higher operating costs, meaning that the financial benefits that the group had expected from the new facility won’t be felt for some time.

A spokesperson for UK Mail explained that ‘Parcels were either too big or the wrong size or shape’, and that ‘around 20% of the groups parcel volumes are incompatible for the new machinery’. They were expecting the larger parcels to be spread across the network, with Coventry only picking up about 5% of traffic, but this hasn’t happened and a much larger proportion of volume coming into Coventry have been what they call ‘incompatible freight’.

UK Mail are still confident that they can turn things around, and that the Coventry Hub will be a success. Guy Buswell, chief executive of UK Mail, said the near-term setback was ‘very disappointing’, but said the group was taking ‘decisive action to address these issues’. He also went on to say in his statement, ‘The completion of our new fully-automated hub represents the largest strategic development in our corporate history and the rationale for this significant investment remains compelling. We continue to believe that it will make us one of the most efficient and competitive operators in our markets and, with number of significant new customers keen to use our services as a result of this investment, we remain confident in our medium- and long-term growth prospects.’

dhl motogp SPONSORSHIP

DHL has been announced as the new logistics partner of the motorcycle racing championship, MotoGP, for the next 3 years. The deal also covers the sister championships, Moto2 and Moto3, and DHL will be providing logistical support and solutions for the events. The MotoGP season for 2015 features 18 races in 14 countries across 4 continents, and more than 80 bikes and 350 tons of equipment will need to transported by DHL over land, air and sea. It is estimated that DHL will be covering about 90,000 km over 9 months

Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express, says of the deal, ’We are very excited about having the opportunity to get behind the handlebars of the championship’s logistics operation and to offer high quality international shipping services to MotoGP’. This isn’t the first time DHL has partnered with other organisations in the motor racing world. They also have deals with Formula 1, Formula E, WTCC, WEC, Andretti Autosport, Audi_ABT and Kalitta Motorsports among others.

deliveries at work

One of the great benefits of booking a collection and delivery with Parcel2Ship, is that the addresses given can be work addresses. However, this week some big companies have been in the news for banning their employees from getting parcels collected and delivered to their place of work, because the post rooms are struggling with the volumes. With the constant increase in online shopping activity and the longer hours people work, it’s no surprise that many make the most of this handy solution, but HSBC and DVLA among others are saying no to personal parcels.

Sophie McCarthy who works as a retail analyst, said that while packages are still being delivered to home addresses, and increasingly to click-and-collect points such as Doddle, workplaces are seeing an increase. She says that ’because online retail is growing so much, even a small percentage of those being delivered will have a big impact. If you are a company that already receives a lot of post it is doubling the work of post rooms.’ She notes that the extra space needed in post rooms to store parcels just isn’t available in some locations, and the added cost of processing these items is another problem


google alphabet

This week Google announced another big change in how it operates, this time reinventing the brand and creating a new tech investment company called Alphabet. Under this name will lay Google developments such as driver-less cars and drones, with more tech growth markets to follow in the long term. Google will remain an internet business, and will filter money into Alphabet to support their agenda in the tech world by investing in new schemes. After the announcement, Google share prices rose by 5%, and shareholders will start to see the results of this separation in the forth quarter of this year.

Google CEO Larry Page, believes this looser corporate structure will make it easier for Google to achieve its ambitions in the future, but the concerns surrounding the companies threat to personal privacy may now increase as Googles tech ambitions start coming out of the woodwork.

more tube strikes

It was announced this week that London will be subject to two more tube strikes this month, in dispute over night Tube plans. It has been agreed that two 24 hr walkouts will begin at 18:30 on both the 25th and 27th of August, before the night services begin on the 12th September. Two previous strikes protesting the services have already taken place in July and just last week, but many feel that more disruption to the existing services is the only way to make bosses listen to their concerns. However, the biggest union responsible for 85% of drivers, ASLEF, has declined to join the strikes, suggesting they are amenable to demands for an upper limit to the number of weekends drivers would have to work.

California Drought solution

You may be aware that for a year or so LA has been in a state of crisis regarding their water levels. Hot weather and lack of rain fall have led to experts warning that California is close to completely running out of water in the next few months, and all residents are on hosepipe bans and have been strongly encouraged to reduce the amount of water they use for personal use and household chores. This week a new solution to the problem that is affecting thousands of households across the US state, has been put into action. 96million black plastic balls have been launched into the 175-acre Los Angeles Reservoir in Sylmar, California, with the aim of preventing 300 million gallons of water from evaporating in the heat. It is thought the solution will save over $250million, and was one of the cheapest options available to battle the drought that residents are currently facing.

The end of LOL

We like to throw a light hearted news article in to our weekly reviews every now and again, and this week we have chosen to include the news that it could be ‘RIP LOL’ soon. Standing for Laugh Out Loud (not Lots of Love, David Cameron), LOL is old school text speak for when someone is amused by something they have read on their phones or online. First recorded in 1989 along with other favourites such as ROFL (the more extreme Rolling On Floor Laughing) and BRB (Be Right Back), LOL is facing early retirement from the cyber world according to a recent Facebook study. It suggests that the old favourite is being replaced by newcomer ‘haha’ and several different emojis, with only 1.9% of users using LOL.

Professor of Linguistics, Vyv Evans, from Bangor University, says that language changes all the time. He says the different ways to express e-laughter are competing with each other, and that LOL is being replaced by something more intuitive, noting that ‘haha’ is an onomatopoeia, representing the sound it means. It is also a universal representation of laughter, as is understood throughout the world because it is something all humans do. these factors are making ‘haha’ more favourable among young users, although some are finding the oldies are the best and are sticking with LOL. Emoji’s are also appearing more in e-conversations, and Evans says they ‘provide a greater range of expressing different types of e-laughter, with the different types of smiling faces’

However, Evans doesn’t think this is the end of the abbreviation just yet. ‘It’s simply that it’s being competed with for air. And this is what happens with language. It’s conceivable it could come back in the future’

China explosion

We want to end our topical news section to mention the awful explosion that occurred in Tianjin, China on Wednesday. At the time of writing this blog at least 44 people are known to have lost their lives, with hundreds more injured. We would like to pass on our condolences and sympathy to anyone who has been affected by this terrible event


We cannot believe it’s Friday again! The summer is sailing past, and with the heavy rain we have been experiencing down here in Devon, it may as well be over. The weather hasn’t dampened our spirits though, and we have been hard at work this week to make the website even more user friendly. We will be the first to recognise there are some more changes still to be made, and that is why your feedback is so important. Yesterday we sent out some review requests via email to customers who have placed orders over the last 2 weeks, so hopefully some more helpful advise will filter through and help us make Parcel2Ship the best it can be!

We’ve been battling with a certain colourful search engine recently regarding the content on our country landing pages, so you will be seeing a revamp of these in the not to distant future. These are the pages that hold lots of information about the countries that we send to, so if you think of any additional facts or advice that may help other customers, get in touch with us and we will be sure to include them when we do our updates. Remember, we are nothing without our customers, and we really value your input in all aspects of our service.

The Team At Parcel2Ship

Left Handers Day

I'm Always RightToday is International Left-Handers Day, launched by the Left-Handers club in 1992. It is an annual event where left-handers can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed. The group behind it was originally formed in 1990 with the aim to keep members in touch with developments and put them in touch with manufacturers to promote development of left-handed items. It now has members from all over the world, and is regarded as the foremost pressure group and advice center for all aspects of left-handedness

International Left-Handers Day is celebrated worldwide, and in the U.K. alone there have been more than 20 regional events to mark the day in recent years, including left-v-right sports matches, a left-handed tea party, pubs using left-handed corkscrews where patrons drank and played pub games with the left hand only, and nationwide “Lefty Zones” where left-handers creativity, adaptability and sporting prowess were celebrated. But it isn’t just left-handers that can get involved with events today. Right-handers are also encouraged to join in by trying out everyday left-handed objects to see just how awkward it can feel using the wrong equipment!

These events mainly raise the general awareness of how frustrating and difficult everyday life can become for lefties. Through events like these, the group have have successfully influenced improved product design and greater consideration of our needs by the right-handed majority


Spotlight On: Austria

This week we are focusing our attention on Austria!

Austria is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe with a population of about 8.5 million people, and a land mass covering over 83,000 square kilometers. The capital city of Austria is Vienna and its official national language is German, and the country is one of the richest nations in the world with a per capita income level of about $42,000. Based on its location in the Alps, almost 75% of the Austrian landmass is highland, and it has a temperate and alpine climate with highs of 39°C and lows of -10°C.  The country is neighboured by Germany, France, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Not only is it easy to send a parcel to Austria because it is in the EU, but it is also cheap, with savings of almost 50% available when you book through Parcel2Ship compared to the Post Office. So what are you waiting for? Click the flag above to be taken directly to our website where you can get an instant quote to Austria!

International Youth Day

Image result for international youth day 2015Created by the United Nations, International Youth Day is a day to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding young people. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000, and in its 15 years it has provided governments and other groups to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. During IYD, concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organizations take place around the world.

So in preparation for tomorrow, what issues would you like to see addressed in relation to the young people of the world? We would love to hear from you in the comments below because we think this is a very important event and everyone with concerns and ideas should get involved

Allotment Week

Plot (2)Between the 19th and 16th of August, National Allotment Week is celebrated, and this year it is designed to emphasise the benefits that allotments can bring to people of all ages and skill levels. The people behind this week also want to make sure that allotment plots are enjoyed for years to come by preserving them and keeping them safe from vandalism and harsh weather conditions.

You can get involved in allotments and growing produce by visiting the official website for information about events and competitions in your area. There are also resources and downloads available for schools, landlords and members of the public, so get online and check it out!