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Parcel Resellers: Benefits Of Using Parcel2Ship

Parcel2Ship are a company offering the services of established couriers, at a discounted price. This is the working model for a lot of other business, but sometimes our customers want some more information that others just don’t offer. We here at Parcel2Ship, pride ourselves on being honest with our customers, which is why we have decided to explain why you should always come to www.Parcel2Ship.co.uk  for all your collection and delivery needs.

The main benefit to using Parcel2Ship is the price. Because we have accounts with some of the UK’s leading couriers, we receive some great rates for ‘bulk buying’. We then offer these reductions back to our customer. All prices on our website are very competitive, and are often reduced according to changes and demands in the market (such as the baby milk boom which increased trade to China and lowered prices). And we don’t just offer you one service. Where possible, we will offer you several choices to suit your budget and time frame, offering a useful and comprehensive comparison.

When you book with us, we act as an intermediary. If you have problems with any aspect of your order, you can contact our customer services team very easily and quickly, and we will handle it from there. You do not have to chase the big companies for a response. We offer that personal touch that you don’t often get with other larger companies, and we assign one member of the team to see your case through to the end, so you are not passed around and ‘lost in the system’.

We also have an extensive knowledge and experience of the parcel industry and the services we offer. Think of Parcel2Ship as your own personal ‘Parcel Google’. We have great relationships with the couriers that we use, and we know what to do if something goes wrong. Our knowledge, experience and working relationships are some of the great advantages of booking with Parcel2Ship

And finally, not only do we offer amazing rates to all our customers, but we like to add the odd discounts here and there to say a big thank you for coming to www.Parcel2Ship.co.uk. Currently, we are running 10% discounts to 13 different countries! For more details, read our blog here

We could talk to you all day about the benefits of placing your order with us, but we like to let our customer reviews do the talking. You can view all reviews here, but we have chosen some of our favourites from the past couple of weeks, below:

‘Absolutely delighted with your service. Courier was very pleasant and polite. I will definitely be using your fabulous service again.’

‘Excellent service in every way would highly recommend this company.’

‘I had such brilliant service with the first delivery….I ordered another the next week. Both orders arrived. Both in perfect condition. I am thrilled and will use again. I have already recommended this company to several friends.’

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits we offer to customers choosing to book with us, visit www.Parcel2Ship.co.uk today. And if you simply want to talk to a member of the team, you can call us on 0845 5190185 (during office hours), email info@parcel2hip.co.uk, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or LiveChat us from the website between 8-5 on any working day.




Shipping To Russia: Recent Changes

In the past few weeks, news reports have come through stating that DHL, DPD and FedEx have all cancelled their express parcel delivery services to Russia, after learning that all shipments would have to be formally registered with customs, no matter what their value may be. 

This change in policy has been introduced in Russia to reduce the amount of goods imported, and increase the domestic trade for the country. However, this does not mean you can no longer send to Russia.

Although 3 big couriers have stepped away from shipping express parcels to Russia that are purchased online by Russian citizens, ParcelForce are staying, because their services do not go through the same express channels as mentioned above. And luckily for Parcel2Ship customers, we offer great prices with ParcelForce.

Delivery times vary throughout Russia, but ParcelForce advise the following:

  • 4 working days for 130100 Moscow
  • 5 working days for all regional cities of Moscow, 603000 Nizhnii Novgorod, 170000 Tver and 190000 St Petersburg
  • 10 working days for all other areas

To make the most of these all inclusive prices, just click the correct service above or here, and make sure the size of your parcel is within the guidelines. You can send to residential or business addresses in Russia. Customs fee’s may apply, depending on value (over $1000 US Dollars worth may be chargable) and content (please check ParcelForce’s restricted and prohibited list here). Remember to fill your customs forms out correctly. These can be found here, along with helpful instructions

If you have any more questions about shipping to Russia, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Services team on 0845 5190185.



Introducing Our New Ordering Method: Phone2Ship

Great news for all our customers – we can now take bookings over the phone!

We will book the parcel whilst you are on the phone, making sure we have all the correct information, and once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation email to the address you give us. This method could suit you if you are not confident with using our website, if you are in a hurry, or if you just want to talk to one of our friendly customer service team.


We can take payment via all major credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal.

This method will only be available to you if the invoice address is the same as either the collection or the delivery address.

If you would like to book over the phone, just give us a call on:

Phone Number

Please have your parcel and payment details handy. Bookings should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Parcel2Ship look forward to your call

Introducing Our New Service: Park And Send

Parcel2Ship have some brilliant news for our customers living abroad who order items from UK companies unwilling to ship to them. We can now offer you a service where the company in question can send your items to us and we can send them on to you!

If you would like to use this service, simply inform us via email or phone (0845 5190185)

When we have accepted your request, ask the company in question to send the item(s) to:

King Charles Business Park
Old Newton Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6UT

Once we receive your items, we will let you know. From there, you simply have to book online to have the items collected from our address and sent to your own.

If you are asking to have the parcels delivered outside the EU, you will have to send us your customs forms, complete with signatures. We will print those off once we receive them, along with the labels, and make sure the courier you have chosen, picks them up.

This service is one that has been requested of us a lot recently, so Parcel2Ship is really excited to announce that this service is available to all our customers!


City-Link Discount Code

City Link Promotion



Parcel2Ship have a new discount code to offer all our customers looking to send parcels with City-Link, UK to UK

Simply type in CitySaver at the checkout to receive 10% off all orders under 25KG. Simply click here to go straight to our City-Link booking pages

This offer will run out at the end of this month, so make sure you order soon to enjoy your discount!

Milk Powder To China


As some of our customers may be aware, China suffered a infant milk formula scandal in 2008, resulting in 6 infants dying from kidney damage and over 54,000 babies being hospitalised. In total, 300,000 babies and infants were said to have been affected.

The reason for such problem was that the milk powder had been adulterate with melamine. The chemical appeared to have been added to milk to cause it to appear to have a higher protein content. In a separate incident four years before, watered-down milk had resulted in 13 infant deaths from malnutrition.

The issue raised concerns about food safety and political corruption in China, and damaged the reputation of China’s food exports, with at least 11 countries stopping all imports of Chinese dairy products.

But whilst exports may have suffered, the import market saw a considerable growth, with people from other countries seeing an opportunity to send milk powder from their countries over to worried parents in China. This saw many question the ethics of this, and in May 2013, a baby milk trafficking investigation was launched into networks which were bulk-buying formula and shipping it to China where it was being sold at premium prices, sometimes at a mark up over 100%. Some countries were also seeing a persistent shortage of certain brands of baby formula which were being linked to so-called “baby milk runners”.

Many of Parcel2Ship’s customers send milk powder over to China, but most question how much they are allowed to send. Whilst there is no limit on the amount you send, each parcel cannot exceed 30KG (as per ParcelForce’s standard regulations), and to avoid paying duty on milk powder you can only send a maximum of 5KG. This works out as an average of 6 cans at 800g each

If you are in doubt, please call Parcel2Ship’s Customer Service Team on 0845 5190185


Developing Our Website

Parcel2Ship is currently undergoing a makeover! Whilst we have many ideas about how to improve our website to make it easier and faster for our customers to book a competitively priced courier service, we would also like your input.

So, to all our customers; What would you like to see changed? This can be anything, from the wording of a paragraph, to the layout of the entire website. All suggestions will be looked at and considered,  if we agree with your reasons for the change(s).

If you would like to make a suggestion, please email us at info@parcelsrus.co.uk, with the subject line reading ‘New Website Suggestion’

Customs Forms: All You Need To Know

Parcel2Ship offer worldwide deliveries to all of our customers, from just across the water to France, to all the way to the other side of the world to Australia. If you are sending within the EU, you do not need to worry about customs, but if your destination country is outside the EU, you will need the following:

If you click on both documents above, the forms will appear. Whilst these can be very simple to fill in for customers who regularly send parcels outside of the EU, Parcel2Ship understand the confusion that new customers experience when filling these out.

By clicking here, you can find a helpful step by step approach to these forms. When you fill in these forms you have to make sure you declare everything in your parcel. However, if you have 3 pairs of trousers for example, you do not need to declare each individually. Just putting ’3 pairs of trousers’ is sufficient.

When you have completed these forms, you will need to securely attach the CN23 form onto the parcel, visible for customs officers to read. The three invoices must be in an envelope, securely attached to the parcel, but unsealed so that they can be given to the correct parties.

Please be aware that even if you declare everything in your parcel, if something in it is restricted, this could cause a considerable problem when sending your parcel, and could even result in your entire parcel being destroyed. You can find a list of restricted here. This is a very simple list of items that you cannot send. Parcel2Ship advice you also look at your couriers restricted items also; Click here for City-Link, here for ParcelForce and here for DHL.

However, Parcel2Ship advise that you have a look at the individual country’s customs regulations. These can be found online very easily. Places like Australia for instance, will not allow you to ship stationary items that resemble or smell like fruit, so it is always advised that you check your items before sending them, as what you think might be safe could be restricted.

If you cannot access these, or if you have any questions regarding customs, you can call our Customer Services team on 0845 5190185 and we can look for you.


Bank Holiday Information from ParcelForce

As we are sure many of our customers are aware of, 26th August is a Bank Holiday. As with all public holidays, courier services advise delivery times can be affected. Parcel2Ship has just received the following information from ParcelForce about the upcoming Bank Holiday:

  • Depots will be closed for collection and deliveries on Monday 26th August.
  • Depots will open as normal on Saturday 24th August to deliver all items bearing a Saturday delivery identifier
  • Depots will re-open on Tuesday 27th August for collections and deliveries.
  • Re deliveries of items attempted on Friday 23rd August should be made on Tuesday 27th August. Customer Contact Cards should be amended accordingly.

Delivery Specification

Collection Date

Delivery Date






21 Aug

22 Aug

24 Aug


22 Aug

23 Aug

27 Aug*


23 Aug

27 Aug*

28 Aug


24 Aug




25 Aug




26 Aug




27 Aug

28 Aug

29 Aug


28 Aug

29 Aug

30 Aug

* Unless Saturday deliveries then 25th May

Parcel2Ship hopes that this information helps you with your delivery expectations. If you would like some more clarification on the above, please call the Customer Services team on 0845 5190185

Tracking Your Parcel with City-Link, ParcelForce and DHL


When you book a service from ParcelForce, City-Link or DHL through Parcel2Ship, you are given a tracking code. In this blog you will find some helpful information about these codes and what to do if you have any questions

Parcel2Ship/City-Link will issue you with a tracking code once your parcel has been collected, that follows the following format: RAA00001. If you have had a service re-booked, you may be given a code that takes this format instead: QXZ00001. Both formats are able to be tracking by using City-Link’s tracking service on their website, by clicking here. By typing these codes in, you will get some information regarding the collection or delivery of your parcel.

ParcelForce’s tracking numbers follow a different format. Whilst booking through them directly may allow for difference letters, when you book through us your number with either begin with a CK (European destinations) or EK (Worldwide destinations). Both will end in GB. For example; CK123456789GB or EK123456789GB. For UK deliveries, the format will look like YP1234567 or YS1234567. You tracking numbers for ParcelForce can be found on the labels that we provide for you. You can type these codes into ParcelForce’s tracking page by clicking here

DHL’s tracking codes only use numbers – 10 to be exact. As with the previous 2 couriers, DHL also have a tracking page on their website, which you can find here. They call this number a Waybill Number.


Whilst all three couriers attempt the make their status’s clear to customers, you can always call Parcel2Ship’s customer service number on 0845 5190185 for some help in understanding. You can also call this number if you do not have a tracking code and would like to know it; we can find it for you by searching your order number or collection postcode, so please have these handy when you call